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Free Pickup or $100 for any Delivery within greater Vancouver
Free Pickup or $100 for any Delivery within greater Vancouver

Steel Framing Stud 3-5/8" (Non-structural)

Original price $3.60 - Original price $7.20
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$3.60 - $7.20
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3 5/8-inch Galvanized Steel Wall Framing Stud

Lightweight steel studs are an easy to handle, economical, non-combustible, high-quality steel studs alternative to more traditional framing members. Steel framing studs are manufactured with high-quality steel and have a unique design that increases strength and provides a superior stud to track fit. Steel studs manufactured to exacting tolerance will neither shrink, swell, split nor it warp. Our Steel framing Studs are free of resin adhesives and other chemicals used to treat wood framing products.

  1. We have pre-punched holes on studs for services such as running electricity and plumbing work
  2. Easy to cut with tin snips and could be easy installation with no sawdust
  3. Non-decomposable
  4. Galvanized coating to protect from corrosion
  5. As compared to other framing options steel studs are made of non-combustible fire-resistant material that provides the least sound transmission
  6. Unique design for increased strength and greater screw retention
  7. Stronger than wood frames, less susceptible to age-related damage, comparable pricing to wood framing